Second Amendment rights were a hot topic this week at the DNC.

FOX's Eben Brown has your "Bullet Points":

Before the Democratic convention began this week in Philly, Hillary Clinton appeared in Florida, introduced by congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who promised Clinton would, in her words, stand up to the gun lobby:

(Wilson) "There are too many damn guns in America today!"

The Second Amendment was discussed at DNC platform committee meetings. Bonnie Schaffer is on the committee:

(Schaffer) "Not just keeping the guns out of the hands of mentally ill people and criminals, but I really don't personally think anyone should have a gun."

And those opinions are what Republican nominee Donald Trump says makes him so popular:

(Trump) "They like the fact that I'm gonna protect the Second Amendment. They like the fact I'm gonna rebuild our military, which is very depleted. Those are the things that are resonating and they don't feel Hillary Clinton could do it."

And those are your "Bullet Points". I'm Eben Brown, FOX News!

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