Trump On Asking Russia To Find Hillaryís Missing E-Mails: “I Was Being Sarcastic”

ďOf course I was being sarcastic. ÖI didnít encourage anybody. First of all, said with sarcasm, second of all it didnít encourage anybody. They may have them, who knows who has them. They donít know. They have no idea. And itís pretty sad when a foreign country, whether itís them (Russia) , or China or anybody else disrespects us so much that they would even do a thing like that.Ē

–Donald Trump on his controversial comments asking for Russia’s help to find Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails

Brian sat down with Donald Trump and asked him about his controversial comments about asking Russia to help find Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails, whether he would answer Russia with force, President Obama’s attacks on him and how he handles personal attacks.

Trump also discussed helping working class people, TPP, whether he now considers Senator John McCain war hero, mocking a disabled reporter, banning Muslims from entering America and how he feels about his kids support.

Listen here to the full, unedited interview: