What’s new in the world of guns?

FOX’s Eben Brown has this week’s “Bullet Points”:

I’m Eben Brown.

Congressional leaders continue squabbling over new rules for buying guns:

(Takano) “The Republican proposal is specifically designed to ensure the Justice Department fails and the suspect is allowed to buy a gun.”

Democrat Mark Takano of California. Republicans accuse Democrats of political showboating.

Remember that video with the handgun attached to the drone? Brought to you by Haughwout family of Connecticut. They spent the day in court fighting subpoenas by the FAA. They claim they FAA has no jurisdiction over an armed drone. The judge will rule next week.

Dateline: Lyman, South Carolina where police say Jody Ray Thompson got into an argument and starting shooting inside a nightclub. He wounded three, but missed the fourth person. Number four was legally carrying and he shot back, wounding Thompson. Police say it’s self-defense. Thompson’s charged with attempted murder.

And those are your Bullet Points. I’m Eben Brown, FOX News.

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