After the recent deadly Orlando attack, more of the LGBT community are purchasing guns.

FOX’s Joy Piazza reports in “Bullet Points”:

I’m Joy Piazza.

Gun sales are soaring following the deadly attack at a gay Orlando nightclub, but not necessarily by who you might think:

(Horne) “There’s a franchised group that hadn’t been approached and I think that it’s important to recognize that every single person should have the right to bear arms.”

George Horne is the owner of the gun room in Denver, Colorado. He says a lot more gay and lesbian clients have been walking through the door:

(Horne) “For this time of year I would say it’s probably three to four times what we would normally have.”

Colorado Springs firearms instructor Mike Smith has been following the upward trend and not just of gun purchases, he says gun clubs, like the Pink Pistols for gays and lesbian saw its membership increase online by several thousand in just a day or two:

(Smith) “We are a country of laws for all people, not just the people who kind of fit that pre-determined or pre-thought mold.”

Other members of the LGBT community say the answer to last weekend’s violence is tighter restrictions on gun purchases.

And those are your Bullet Points, I’m Joy Piazza.