House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t backing off his endorsement of Donald Trump, but is again criticizing some things the presumptive Republican nominee is saying.

FOX’s Jared Halpern has more from Capitol Hill:

At a rally this week in Atlanta, Donald Trump suggested Republican leaders should keep their criticism of his unconventional campaign to themselves:

(Trump) “Just be quiet to the leaders. Because they have to get tougher, they have to get sharper, they have to get smarter.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been critical of some of Trump’s policy proposals, asked about this latest suggestion:

(Ryan) “You know, you can’t make this up sometimes.”

Still, Ryan, who did endorse Trump earlier this month said has no plans to rescind his support:

(Ryan) “We’re gonna agree to disagree on some things, that’s just the way things work. Mitt Romney and I didn’t agree on everything.”

Ryan describing Trump as a different kind of candidate in a different kind of year.

On Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News.

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