The NBA and Los Angeles say goodbye to one of the games all-time greats.

FOX's Tom Graham has more on the career and farewell game of Kobe Bryant:

He came into the NBA in 1996, drafted in the first round as a 13th pick:

(David Stern) "The Charlotte Hornets select Kobe Bryant."

He started off a Hornet, but would go on to become a Laker legend in L.A. with 18 All-Star appearances and five championships. And Kobe, adding one more stat, the most-ever points scored in a farewell game:

(Mike Tirico) "Kobe Bryant, a 50-point game."

The game on ESPN2 as Kobe adds another 10 for a total of 60 points in L.A.'s win over Utah, thanking fans after one last performance:

(Bryant) "From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

The Lakers great ends his career the number three all-time NBA scorer.

Tom Graham, FOX News.