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You could soon own a piece of Rock and Roll history, courtesy of Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour.

FOX’s Laura Ingle has more on this week’s “Bonus Track”:

Guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is giving fans a chance to own some of his most prized possessions for the right price and the good cause:

(Gilmour): “The money that this sale will hopefully will raise is going to go into my charitable foundation and will be used to help do some good in this world.”

(Christie’s Auction)

Speaking with Rolling Stone Magazine, Gilmour announced he is auctioning off more than 120 guitars from his collection:

(Gilmour): “These guitars, they’ve given so much to me. It’s time for them to move on to other people who hopefully will find joy and perhaps create something new.”

Gilmour says the money will be going to the larger needs of famine relief, homeless and displacement of people throughout the world.

(Christie’s Auction)

Some of the hardware includes the black Fender Stratocaster dubbed “Black Strat” heard on nearly every song he recorded between 1973 and the mid-1980’s and the 12-string acoustic he used to write ‘Wish You Were Here’. The auction will be held at Christie’s in New York, June 20th.

Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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