Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joined Kilmeade & Friends to talk about the upcoming GOP Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, telling Brian that he believes Jeb Bush, whom he supports for the nomination, will do well in New Hampshire and build on that momentum heading into the other primaries in South Carolina, Florida and elsewhere.

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On the Saudi Arabia/Iran conflict brewing in the Mid-East, Kinzinger is worried we are seeing the early stage of potential a Muslim civil war between the Sunni & Shia Muslims. He warns the consequences of having a billion people at war with each other in the Middle East will spread to Europe and the United States.

When talk turned to voter frustrations over Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans voting for the Omnibus bill, Kinzinger said people have a right to feel let down by some of what was in the omnibus bill but have to realize that the problem is the President has to sign a spending bill and there has to be a compromise from republicans to avoid a government shutdown. Kinzinger went on to say that Republicans got some good things in the bill, including, stopping insurance companies from receiving government bailouts because of Obamacare.