Chipotle is getting ready to reopen all of the stores it closed in the Pacific Northwest after dozens were sickened in an E. coli outbreak.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal reports the source of the bacteria still hasn't been found:

Washington State Epidemiologist Scott Lindquist says he feels good about Chipotle reopening... Not only did they deep clean their stores and order new ingredients...

(Lindquist) "Chipotle themselves is going to be doing lot testing before they send any food out on a national level."

But this isn't Chipotle's first issue... Earlier this year people got sick with norovirus at a restaurant in California and some were sickened with salmonella in Minnesota.

(Lindquist) "That's really our expectation that CDC and FDA look at these multiple outbreaks and come to some understanding about why they're occurring are they related is there some practice nationally that is different?"

He says they recommended Chipotle add an extra rinsing step for their produce.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.