Does Starbucks really hate Christmas? The company's simple red holiday cup is missing the usual snowflake-snowmen motif... It made one man on Twitter angry and he accused the company of hating Jesus.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal went to a Starbucks location to hear what people had to say:

Some people can't even believe this is a real controversy... That anyone's even talking about it...

(Person) "That's absurd, this is ridiculous."

Others say, but it's Christmas and little touches like that on your coffee cup give things more of a warm holiday feel.

(Person) "I feel sad, I feel sad that they take it out."

But no one has said they thought Starbucks hated Jesus or Christmas as was said in Joshua Feuerstein's initial anti-Starbucks cup rant that went viral...

(Feuerstein) "Choose to not be politically correct. Just correct."

Others reacted by saying let a company be pc if it wants to be.

(Person) "If you politically correct protects your profits then by all means you have to be politically correct."

In LA, Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.