A couple of months ago, I wrapped up the Cal Harris story on Wiehl of Justice. I left you with the knowledge that Cal’s third trial ended in a mistrial, and that I had learned from sources close to the trial that they jury was split 6-6 on whether or not Cal was guilty. I also told you that it wasn’t yet known if there would be a fourth trial. Well, now I know that there will be a fourth time that Cal Harris will be tried for the murder of his wife, Michele Harris, who disappeared on September 11th, 2001.

On August 26th, a conference was held at the Schoharie County Court where it was determined that on March 2nd, 2016, a jury will once again be tasked with determining whether or not Cal murdered his wife.

BBruce Barketruce Barket, Cal’s Defense Attorney, is back and will tell us why he thinks the prosecutors want a fourth trial, and whether or not his strategy will change.  We find this out and more on this update of the Cal Harris Story on Wiehl of Justice.

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