“A life without travel is a life that’s unlived”, and this show focuses on how to get the best out of the big, bad and bothersome world of travel. Travel in itself used to be an art, but now it’s just a pain!

Our guest is Rajiv Advani, a travel aficionado. He’s traveled to more than 70 cities in over 22 countries, and along the way he shares his experiences in how to get the best value for your budget. Check out his blog at http://mileopedia.com

His tips are simple, easy and full of common sense!

He’s also known as the “Dealmaster” among his followers simply because they think he gives the best advice on every aspect of travel.

From getting the best hotel deals to finding the best international meals, from revealing the best kept travel secrets so that you get the best airline tickets, from using your credit card miles so that you get the best seat in the aisle, this man can help you in every way. So whether you choose a vacation at a nudist colony or a vacation with a little more modesty, take a listen to the Dealmaster.