We should never speak ill of the recently departed. It isn't right and it isn't something that would make our mothers proud.

Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy died at the age of 77 after suffering from a brain tumor.

God rest his soul and God bless his family, friends, and colleagues who now mourn the death of this pivotal political statesman and patriarch.

I did not look highly on those who spoke cruelly of Michael Jackson upon his death. And I will not in the case of Senator Kennedy, either.

This is a time to bite our tongues and remember that this ultimately was a MAN who lived and loved and was loved by others in return. Imagine if this were YOUR father, son, or brother. How would you want people to speak of YOUR departed loved one?

Senator Kennedy and I agreed on virtually NOTHING.

But the time to criticize his politics, policies, and choices is not today.

Today is a day for silence and solace, for respect and recognition.

Please do your best to put partisanship aside. No one is asking you to pay tribute or to memorialize the man. But there is no need to stoop to juvenile humor, repugnant bashing, or political posturing.

Rest in peace, Senator Kennedy.