I know many of you thought he hypocritically called out President Bush on the war and champion universal health care and was way to liberal for your tastes no doubt Senator Ted Kennedy was an impactful legislator.
He took about 60 years to realize he didnt have to better then his 3 brothers but when he did he caught fire. I admire the way he did have so many friends on the other side including the Reagan's but I have a hunch Bush 43 was not too pleased by his opposotion on so many issues.

Col Allen West was great today and I am encouraged for our country that he is running for Congress in Florida. You have to see the size of Douglas Brinkley's new book
" The Wilderness Warrior" about 900 plus pages..and by the way how can the President with all his distraction bring 5 books with him on a 1 week vacation. I can never get though one because of the kids and I can't believe the President has any time at all except a few hours for daily golf.

One of the books he's already read and the other is 900 pages and already an hbo miniseries(John Adams)