Russell Brand was the sad creature who hosted this year's MTV Video Music Awards. You know the one with the crazy hair and outfit, parading around the stage calling President Bush a retarded cowboy and praising Barack Obama as the savior of humanity.

My anger over his immature tirade aimed at the impressionable young people of America has not subsided since I witnessed his insanity Sunday night.

But I am not going to try to shut him up, either.

In fact, as McCain continues to climb in the polls and Obama continues to scratch his head wondering why, the best the Right could hope for is for imbeciles like Brand to continue pushing for an Obama Presidency!

According to press stories and interviews in his home country, Brand is an alcoholic and former drug addict. He's apparently been arrested ELEVEN TIMES for public indecency. His run ins with the police are many.

Is this the kind of spokesman Obama needs as he struggles in the polls?

Of course, most of the young idiots in the crowd applauded Brand's endorsement of Obama, not knowing that with friends like Brand, no one needs enemies.

These are the young voters the Democrats are courting so desperately.

They can have them.

One final reflection...

There was a time when a foreigner parading an American stage and calling our President a "retard" would have been booed, if not dragged off the stage. Especially at a time of war. There would have been outrage in our parent's and grandparent's generations. Imagine that again...a foreign comedian with the audacity to insult OUR LEADER to OUR FACES on OUR SOIL. Now he gets roaring applause.

Boy how the times have changed.