The First Day of School

So the surf was nothing short of spectacular… and I am again renewed and ready to face the challenges ahead — with a presidential election less than 2 mos away!

And speaking of new challenges, here are a few shots of Mackenzie Jenkins’ first day of school. These cute shots — of her leaving the house today, then at school looking for her cubby and symbol (turtle!) — come courtesy of her mother!

What an exciting time for her and her parents — but also — of the promise and possibilities of the future. Will she grow up someday to become an astronaut? a lawyer? a tv reporter… or (gulp!) a politician!

Will one of her classmates find a cure for cancer or an end to global poverty?

It’s worth remembering that while both presidential candidates offer campaign promises of “change” and “hope,” the real promise of our future lies in our children. Let’s give them everything they need to make a better place to live in!