Obama is showing his desperation again as he continues to fight for his life in the polls. A man who should be, by all accounts of the popular wisdom (or lack thereof), an easy double digits ahead of his rival is instead faltering left and right.

And that brings us to the latest act of desperation on Obama's part--hammering McCain for supposedly not knowing how many houses he owns.


Wait...he actually owns more than ONE home?? Is that legal in America today? Don't you need a special permit or something?

I LOVE the fact that he couldn't answer. Wouldn't it be nice to own so much of something that you couldn't keep track of it??

That is the American Dream!

And of course, Obama is on the wrong side of things yet again.

Obama's ad regarding this, as well as the general liberal chatter, indicates a jealousy, envy, and sour grapes mentality that is actually quite typical of the far Left. They HATE that some people own things and other do not. Especially if the "Haves" have a LOT of the given commodity.

Now we are finding out that McCain supposedly doesn't even own any of these properties in question--that they belong to his wife, Cindy.

Either way, it seems petty to say the least.

Seems more disconcerting that Obama thinks there are 57 states and that a "bomb" fell on Pearl Harbor. Or that he doesn't know the difference between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Or that his experience and political accomplishments could literally fit on a fortune cookie slip.

But the lapdog media, in utter blind lust with Obama, sees more concern that a man who married into a family worth $100 million might lose track of how many properties they own.

How many shoes do you own? How many DVDs do you own? How many cushions are on your couch? Huh?? You sit on your couch every single day and you don't know the answer??