That’s just NOT what I like to see at 0745a while checking into my 0930 flight…

Its official: I’m on the Campaign Convention Trail… or rather, I should say that I am desperately ATTEMPTING to do so but United Airlines is making it incredibly difficult to get out of the gate.

You really aren’t supposed to name companies directly, but in this case, I am making an "observation" — and that observation is that on THIS morning at Dulles Airport, United Airlines is doing everything in their power to ensure that every passenger on Flt 335 to Denver… Chooses another airline next time they have to fly!

Let me give you an example: after attempting to fly stand-by on an earlier flight which was denied, I walked and found the Customer Service desk. Standing in line with several other justifiably angry passengers, a supervisor named "Mike" was seeking people out and trying to talk them OUT of standing in the line because "the customer representatives are very busy." He let me know that was already of my "Denver" situation… And that I should basically just go away!

Adding insult to injury, I am told that there is NO other flight on any other airline between both airports in DC between now and noon!

So whats the point of this posting (other than venting on my black berry)?


To be fair, its not just United. It’s ALL of them.

When I first heard Congress was considering a "passenger bill of rights," I thought it was a ridiculous idea — and one that would simply compound the already existing mess.

But I’m warming up to the idea. I understand business, I understand delays happen. But it’s getting out of control and the airlines need to step up and start caring about their customers again.

Speaking of customers: a few fellow passengers who are also feeling the sting of deadlines surely to be missed today are CBS’ Bob Schieffer (who seems to be pretty mellow about the whole thing) and Politico’s Chief Correspondent (and one of the most respected political reporters in Washington) Mike Allen – who has set up a command post near Gate 11C with his laptop humming and hos cell phone buzzing!

See ya from the Trail…

(If we ever get there!!)