The Kids Aren’t OK

We already know that many American schools have banned childhood staples such as tag and dodgeball over the clear and present danger such games pose to children. After all, we are talking about physical AND self esteem injuries should junior take one in the face or always be “it”.

Now a story from Britain leads us further down the road of sterilizing everything that was wonderful about being a kid.

Teachers at a primary school dropped plans for a traditional potato sack race over fears that…gasp…the kids might get hurt.

Three-legged races were also dumped, not out of fear of offending four-legged children, but out of fear that…Heavens to Murgatroyd…a little one might trip and fall and skin a knee. OH NO!

A local educational leader explained. “We had to assess which of the activities were liable to cause a risk.”

How about waking up in the morning? Opening the front door? Crossing the street. Or even worse–DRIVING to the event!

My kids slip and fall ALL DAY LONG and it’s never been as a result of hopping on one foot or sprinting in a potato sack.


We are engineering a generation of kids who don’t ever fall. They will turn into adults who have never fallen.

And one day when they do, they will come unhinged.

Stop butchering childhood! Let kids be kids!

Let the potato sack races live on!