25 June 1950 -- 0400 hrs. North Korea launches a full-scale invasion of South Korea across the 38th Parallel. Three days later, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, falls into North Korean hands.

President Truman, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and countless thousands of brave Americans like my father answered the call. From holding the line at the bloody Pusan Perimeter to the daunting heroism in the Frozen Chosin reservoir, theirs is a history that I remembered today by going down to the Korean War Memorial here in Washington, DC.

I met a South Korean man with his pregnant wife and 2 year old son laying flowers at the memorial. He told me that he wanted to come give thanks to the soldiers that gave their lives so his parents could come to America - and that he would eventually have been born here to raise his own family.

For all who served there, in a war that began 58 years ago today...