ALOHA – It’s the Inaugural!

It’s coming… Are YOU ready?!

Some two million plus folks are coming from all over the country to descend on the Nation’s Capital. Bridges are closing and authorities are telling people to plan to walk, wait and endure general hair-pulling lines at security check points.

But will it be worth the hassles?

You BETCHA! Afterall, this is not only one of the most historical inaugurations in history, but also a moment in time that I will enjoy telling my children and grandchildren about some day.

So how does one prepare to survive the headaches and chaos and truly enjoy this magnificent opportunity?

You have to get into… your ALOHA mode!

I’ll secretly confess that of all the balls that I am invited to attend as a reporter for FOX News, the Aloha Ball maybe the winner!

For starters, it’s 11 degrees outside today, so wearing my best Hawaiian shirt with my tuxedo and a lei may be a mental boost alone! But more than that, it’s a first-ever Aloha Ball that seeks to celebrate the music, food and culture that shaped President Elect Obama’s youth. (And the legendary George Clinton and the P Funk All Stars will be there!)

Event organizer Skip Kelly told me a few days ago, “Barack may have learned his sharp political elbows in Chicago… but you know that calm and cool demeanor that he possesses? That’s his ALOHA spirit.”

If you want to read more – or even attempt a last minute effort at attending this one, go to

So bring on the snarling traffic, lost and confused masses, and general chaos… I’m ready – I’m in my Aloha State of Mind!