I'm hitting the road soon and taking the family to the beach for a quick getaway and while I am less than thrilled about the high price of gas, it's not going to stop me.

According to the latest FOX News-Opinion Dynamics poll, 48% of you said that you ARE changing your summer plans - a large jump from 30% who said the same two years ago.

And I don't really blame you because it now costs about 80 bucks to fill the tank!

However... I also think there's a bit of HGPH syndrome (High Gas Prices Hysteria) going on out there!

Here's a few examples:

1. Brothels in Nevada now offering $50 Gas cards to big spending customers. That story is here.

2. Montgomery County Maryland Schools are telling the kids: Costs too much to fill up the bus, so WALK! Parents soon to stop complaining about walking 5 miles to school... uphill... barefoot!

3. Indie Rock Bands are having to cancel tours because of high gas prices -- lack of talent or ability to pack "Ladies Night Free Drink Mondays" not a factor.