One of the most idiotic sights I will ever see in my life is a person driving with a dog on their lap.

What is the purpose of this??

One thing is to take your pal on outings to the beach or the store, but why must the beast ride ON YOUR LAP??

My family and I nearly got into an accident over the weekend because of a moron who felt it necessary to let his DOG drive with him! Not alongside him. Not in the back seat. Not in the wayback.


How is this allowed?

Well, in California, it might not be allowed for much longer.

Can you believe we need legislation to stop such irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish behavior?

Assembly Bill 2233 would make it illegal to carry a live animal on your lap while behind the wheel. Considering it's California, they ought to be more clear because people might try to carry a "dead" animal on their lap while behind the wheel.

Too bad the infraction would only warrant a base fine of $35. That's a flea on a Doberman. We need it to be more like $2,000 if you ask me.

There is no reason you need an animal on your lap while driving a car. It's dangerous AND ridiculous.

And if the bill becomes law--which I pray that it will--and Fido protests, tell 'em you are working hard on legislation that will allow YOU to sit on HIS lap while HE is driving the car.

That way, neither one of you will suffer from separation anxiety.