Sen. Obama has continued to shatter all politcal fundraising milestones on planet Earth – raising more than $230 Million to date. That’s nearly a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS, folks!!

But today, at 1pET, thanks to an independent filmaker named Scott Cohen (no formal association with the Obama campaign), Obama may raise one million dollars in ONE MINUTE!

Cohen’s website has a countdown clock to 1p ET today at which time he hopes thousands of supporters will click "donate!"

Cohen figures the match creatively too… "100,000 Baristas x $10 = $1 Mil" or this one "40,000 Teachers x $25 = $1 Mil." And he has pre-registered thousands already, has the endorsement of the 1.6-strong SEIU, and got shout outs all weekend at music festivals across the country.

No money goes directly to Cohen’s website. Rather, his website during those precious sixty seconds, connect to Obama’s official site where the donation is received.

I asked Scott yesterday if he thought he’d hit his goal today, and he responded with a resounding, "I’m pretty damn confident!"

But Cohen added, that more than the money, "this is about the power of small communities to amplify their voices."