Whatever Happened To Class?

Here we go again. Another person does something stupid and irresponsible and tasteless and then turns it around and tries to make it out to be a civil rights violation against THEM.

A man in the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove got in trouble with California Family Fitness for wearing a shirt that most people with class would consider inappropriate. It read: “I Need A Man Or A Date…Serious Inquiries Only” and then included a phone number.

But it was just a gag! Get it?? What happened to your sense of humor! That’s FUNNY!

No, it’s not. It’s dumb. It’s tasteless. And it is totally inappropriate for ANY gym, especially one that caters to FAMILIES.

Gyms are supposed to be places where people go to work out and train their bodies and minds, not meat markets of the tackiest order. Want to find companionship? Put out a classified ad in the local paper.

Now the patron, David Cano, is saying his rights have been violated. That they only cried foul because he is a gay male and the gym is bigoted towards gay men.


He claims that if a woman wore the same shirt, men wouldn’t have a problem with it. Maybe some men wouldn’t. But I think most would. And I think ALL FEMALE clients defintely would.

It has NOTHING to do with gay bashing or discrimination of any sort. It has to do with something a growing number of Americans know nothing about today–CLASS.

Remember CLASS? Your grandparents had it. Maybe even your parents. But this generation is CLUELESS about it.

Now the ACLU is weighing in and saying that if the gym chain didn’t have specific rules against that specific kind of shirt, it might be hard for them to stand by their case.


They need SPECIFIC LANGUAGE?? Did older generations NEED to be told not to wear such filth and idiocy on their persons?

I hope this man loses his case. And I hope his loss humiliates not only him but the countless others just waiting to make a Federal case out of NOTHING. This guy ought to talk to people who have truly had their civil rights infringed upon. I don’t think they will take too kindly to his cries of injustice.

I am glad the gym did the right thing. I only hope now they aren’t punished for it.