Update: Laptop Lady

Here’s an update to the Great American Laptop Nightmare:

After being ignored all day by Ms. Campbell yesterday, her attorney finally responded last night:

Ms. Campbell’s experience dealing with Best Buy has been difficult and frustrating, resulting in actual loss and potentially severe damages.
Although she believes that this matter is worthy of public attention, her
desire is for resolution that is quick and compensation that is fair.

Then I see her in an “exclusive” interview on the Today Show this morning where we learned WHY she believes the Laptop is worth $54 Million (and worth making a mockery of our DC court system)… “my tax returns were on my personal computer,” she said.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not convinced that a laptop with one’s tax returns is worth $54 million?

Anyone know the technical definition of legal extortion? Is this it?

Which begs the larger question: what WOULD be worth $54 million in a lawsuit?