Nobody really LIKES traffic. We all have varying degrees of tolerance, perhaps, but I don't think anyone ever sets off in their vehicle in hopes of dancing the Bumper to Bumper with other drivers.

But there is no denying that traffic and other delays sometimes work in our favor.

Haven't you ever just missed a traffic accident by MOMENTS? And yet you cursed the guy who cut you off as you tried to pull out of the parking lot. But if he HADN'T cut you off, slowing you down by seconds, YOU might have been the person on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance.

Or have you ever stepped into a business and JUST missed someone you really didn't want to run into? You see that old acquaintance or chatty neighbor JUST go through the exit as you get really to waltz IN. Pretty cool how that happens.

I think Margaret Penn of Springfield, Virginia, will probably never complain about traffic again.

She was on her way home and wanting to pit stop at a 7-Eleven to buy a lottery ticket. But people were rude (what a shock!) and wouldn't let her into her turn lane.

So she continued down the road and finally pulled into her usual spot for lottery tickets--another 7-Eleven.

She bought a few tickets and then gambled the $5 she had left on scratchers that ended up winning her ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK FOR LIFE!

Nice!! I wish all idiotic drivers would lead ME to such fortune!

Penn said she and her husband, married since 1964, have never really been on a vacation before. They never even have a Honeymoon.

They are already making plans to hit the road and enjoy themselves.

Good for them.

Next time you are in traffic, tune in Fox Newstalk, take a deep breath, and think about the positives that might come out of it. Your temporary delays and irritations on the road could lead to that winning ticket.