Lil’ Bro Factor

NY GIANTS BEAT PATRIOTS 17-14 TO WIN SUPER BOWL 42… Want to know why?!

Aside from the fact that I am an Ole Miss amluni with Eli Manning… In my opinion, there was a family intangible that made the difference: the little brother factor!

My older brother is both my HERO, my BEST FRIEND and my greatest motivation…

Considering he was always setting the bar higher and higher with his tremendous accomplishments and at the same time ALWAYS there to be my saviour in times of need, he was my big brother.

I believe Eli knew that if he could do the impossible – with less than 2 mins in the game – he could find a way to impress his older brethern role-model… and from that, he had the confidence in knowing he could do it. And he would succeed.

Peyton was often seen in the sky box cheering Eli on… And it’s my take that the will to win Big Bro’s appreciation coupled with the comfort that comes from a brotherly bond made the difference!

The rest is history…

Congrats, Eli Manning!