The Two Tailed Siren Has Made Me Sad

It’s just my luck. Whenever a restaurant or business has a dish or a service that I really, really like–they get rid of it.

I sometimes still find myself ordering Taco Bell (well, not lately since I am on the second week of my healthier eating lifestyle) ordering a menu item only to hear back on the drive-thru intercom “Sir? We haven’t had that dish since 2004.” Ooops. My mistake.

And now America’s favorite, Starbucks, has announced its decision to remove its incredibly delicious warm breakfast sandwiches.


They were SO good. Ever have one? Of course not. You were probably stuffing your mouth (as I used to) with a lesser version at your favorite fast food joint.

I will miss these little delicacies and their short shelf life. I understand the company has to do what it has to do. I just wish they didn’t have to get rid of the bacon in order to rake in the bacon.

The company also announced it is closing 100 of the most underperforming stores in America. Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron? An UNDERPERFORMING Starbucks? What is THAT?? A location where there are only, say, 12 cars in line for coffee at any given time??

They will also be slowing down the rate for opening new stores domestically. This is good.

We just moved to a newly developed area and the main boulevard, which isn’t more than a few miles long, has at least 3 locations. That’s too many of anything.

Remember the scene in “Shrek 2” when everyone is panicking and running out of buildings and onto the streets? If you blinked you might have missed the scene in which characters run out of a Starbucks and run right into ANOTHER Starbucks. Pretty funny observation. And so true.

Hey, maybe I will ask Shrek himself where a fellow ogre can find himself breakfast sandwiches on the go that are as tasty as the dearly departed Starbucks ones.