To Honk or Not to Honk?

I was long overdue for taking my truck in for service and so this morning I made a command decision to end the procrastination.

In addition to the usual servicing and oil change, I have to decide whether or not I should have my HORN fixed? (It has been disconnected for the last six months)

Thanks to an overachieving taxi driver in the Nation’s Capital who decided to actually attempt to STOP in the middle of an intersection to pick up a fare, the end result for me was a minor fender scratch and a car horn that began to fire at random – causing several very embarassing (yet humorous) moments for me.

But here’s the deal – I think since I have been driving around unable to honk at people, I believe I have become a kinder, gentler driver. I still get mad at the traffic and blurt out occasional expletives when I get cut off, but I swear I’m much more mature at “ten and two” knowing that I can’t honk that horn.

The horn is the only weapon we have on the road. Of course, some would argue we have middle fingers too but that’s a dangerous option in this day and age… so by taking away that weapon, I guess it offers perspective: perhaps we shouldn’t honk at each other in the first place?

I imagine that the horn was originally intended as a “safety feature” to warn others… NOT as a form of audio commentary on your fellow motorists’ driving skills.

Maybe cars shouldn’t have horns anymore?

Although… I must confess: I miss honking at people!