Hippo Sweat

Did you know… that Hippo Sweat is a natural SUNSCREEN?

Japanese scientists say that when a Hippo sweats, it produces a reddish-orange substance that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays and even fights disease-causing microbes. Zookeepers at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo collected sweat samples on gauze pads for the study which determined that the substance protected the animal from sunburn, skin cancer and even infection from gashes and wounds.

And now you are sitting there wondering HOW it is that I have come by this revolutionary scientific discovery?

I read about it at www.sciencenewsforkids.com.

And in full disclosure, my favorite animal is the Hippo. It’s a long story, but growing up in our family, everyone got an animal and mine was the Hippo. Which is why my keychain is a sterling silver Hippo from Tiffanys!