Misery Loves Company

Okay… So I have been a RUDE host – barely writing here lately! I am
actually mad at myself for it too!

But suffice it to say, I just finished about 17 days on the road – and
there's no slowing down in sight!

But in all things, there is a lesson. For instance, I have been sitting
on a tarmac in Washington for 3hrs waiting endlessly to takeoff. Our
plane's been de-iced like 3 times and even the Captain has gone into
radio silence for lack of any positive news to report!

Yet I am fortunate enough to be sitting next to my friend, Judge
Napolitano, passing the time chatting away about all manner of things!
So it could be worse… It could always be worse!

The lesson: be thankful for your friends and never forget about them…
You might get stuck on a tarmac and need them!