Today is Veterans Day in case you forgot and are feverishly shaking the doors of your bank wondering why the heck they aren't open.

That's why you won't get any mail today. And it's why the kids are home from school, although they probably don't know that unless you take the time to explain it to them.

It's just another day off for millions of children and adults. An excuse to stay another night in the mountains or to have a final BBQ for the season. We are a nation of 3-day weekends worshippers.

Such a shame, isn't it? Even though our nation is currently at war fighting an unspeakable evil, it seems that there is still a huge mental disconnect with so many of us here at home.

Kids were told on Friday that they had the day off today, but did teachers really spend more than 10 seconds to explain why? Did they even spend THAT much time?

The sad fact is that today is a day of leisure and fun and little is spent contemplating the reason most government offices are closed today.

Some districts are debating whether or not kids SHOULD be in school today, in order to learn the lessons of Veterans Day. That would be a nice idea, if the curriculum actually addressed Veterans Day and its importance. But it would be of little use to make kids go to school if it were just another day of math and science and spelling.

As we lose more more veterans every day, including thousands a week from the World War II era, it is up to all of us to make sure the significance of this day is never lost. Talk about it today with family and friends.

You can have your extra day in the mountains and that farewell BBQ. No one is trying to take those things from you.

Just please don't ever forget that it was the spilled blood of veterans that gave you the freedom to do so.