He's currently the driving force behind the movement - perhaps even the ONLY force at the moment, but a Congressional one none-the-less - to IMPEACH DICK CHENEY...

He recently admitted to SEEING A UFO on Shirley MacLaine's balcony back in the 80's...

And if elected President, he wants to establish the DEPT OF PEACE to end all wars...

But for anyone who's ever seen the movie "Rudy," you just can't count Dennis Kucinich OUT after seeing his latest campaign material.

It is a collector's card, much like a baseball card, with this photo on the front. On the back, it reads:

"At 4'9, 97lbs, Dennis Kucinich, #26, was a third-string varsity quarterback for the 1960 St. John Cantius Jayhawks. He spent a lot of time eating turf."

Followed by this commentary:

Courage is not simply a single act. It is a lifetime of practice, Of learning early on to fight the odds, to win unwinnable battles, to reach goals some might think impossible. Be strong today, and soon victory will be yours.

Then this tagline at the bottom:

Kucinich for President. Strength through Peace.

Give 'em Hell, #26!!