One of my favorite Johnny Carson characters was Karnack the Magnificent. Remember how he would read the answers and then guess the questions? Classic stuff.

New research suggests that our doggies might be K-9 Karnacks in their own right.

A Canterbury University psychology student has just finished a Masters research project that concludes dogs may have the ability to read our minds.


I can't get my dog to sit down, not jump, or lay down. And I'm supposed to believe she can read my MIND??

If this is true, why doesn't she run away every time I contemplate the location of her bark collar? Why does she jump into the car when she KNOWS I am taking her to the vet to get a SHOT??

I am not denying the intelligence of dogs. Just the intelligence of MY dog.

But seriously. Isn't this just ANOTHER attempt to humanize our animals? The raw, ugly truth is that our dogs are still animals, no matter how fancy that sweater is that we just knitted for her.

I'm going to play mind games with my dog now.

Hey wait...where did she go??