Thanks in advance if you missed me last week. Our baby girl was born on Tuesday and what a joy she is.

I know that all parents say it about their children, but she really is a beautiful little girl. A chip off the old block. She has my thin, fuzzy hair and everything.

Even though–between us–this is our sixth child, you never lose that sense of amazement and wonder and joy and staring at a little, tiny human that you helped bring into the world.

You watch them for every waking moment that you can. And then if you run out of waking moments, you watch them every semi-sleeping moment you have left over.

It makes you feel like pushing on a little harder each day. Here is a child that depends on you for EVERYTHING. What a WONDERFUL RESPONSIBILITY! What an incredible sense of love and duty!

I was afraid that I had forgotten everything from changing diapers to patting down the best burps after a feeding. But you never forget any of it. It all comes back to you.

And her bountiful siblings are in absolute love with her. It is so rewarding and reassuring to see 5 older siblings taking such good care of her and paying her so much attention. They are fawning over their baby sister and relishing every moment of it.

Family is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Sure they can drive you absolutely out of your mind sometimes, but in the end most of us wouldn’t trade them for the world. Whether you have only a few good relatives, near or far, or have your very own Brady Bunch like I do…adore them. Treasure them. Learn from them. Teach them.

Man, I’m starting to sound like a Crosby, Stills, & Nash song. Am I getting that old?

So welcome to the world, Baby Girl. It may not be in the best of shape, but Mommy and I will make sure we do all we can to make it as beautiful for you as you have for us.

I love you.