Even a positive thinking person such as myself falls prey to Murphy's Law and the occasional snowballing of unfortunate instances.

This morning was fairly chaotic to say the least.

My usual routine involves making breakfast for the kids and getting them off to school. No problem, right?



But have you ever noted that when you kind of slide out of bed and make your first series of mistakes, the mistakes just keep on coming!

This is NOT a coincidence! There really is something to the self fulfilling prophecies that are present in our lives. And we are usually to blame for them. All of us have shouted at some point "I am having an AWFUL day! It just keeps getting worse!" Yep.

Our ATTITUDE is to blame for most of this. A positive attitude might not always bring you good fortune in your day. But a negative attitude guarantees you will see faults and failure in everything.

For example, today I had a 15 minute span that was misfortune right out of a Charlie Chaplin movie. It had everything but staccato piano rifts in the background!

Again, I couldn't find the car keys. I looked EVERYWHERE!

Everywhere that is except the front door lock. I had turned the keys from the outside when I ran back inside and left them there. It was only a momentary distraction but enough of one for the memory of my keys to vanish from my crazy brain.

The key lesson here, no pun intended, is don't panic. Sometimes the keys are in the most obvious place--in the keyhole!

Ever notice how when you try to RUSH through traffic, you are almost guaranteeing that you won't make it on time?

You say things like "I can't be late! I can't miss this meeting!"

Well, guess what? Research suggests that our mind filters out the CAN'T part and only picks up on "Be late!" or "Miss this meeting!" It's true! We tend to focus on the things we DON'T want in life instead of the things we DO want! We say "I can't afford to be sick!" or "Don't break that vase!" Instead we should say "I am healthy and just getting healthier!" or "Be careful with that vase, OK?"

Haven't you noticed that you ALWAYS hit the red lights when you are in the biggest hurry? When you are calm and collected, the green lights come to you like excuses to a politician. They are everywhere!

Haste truly does make waste. It's not just a silly old saying that the older generations taught us. It's completely true.

So take a load off. Get to where you need to go today with a smile on your face. Ease up on the steering wheel AND yourself. Breathe.

And marvel at all the green lights!