On Wednesday, Maj. Gen. Richard Sherlock said this at a press briefing:

"In Al Anbar province, last week we had no casualties, killed or wounded in action. And that's the first time in recent memory that I can be able to say that."

Wait - hold on there for a second? Did you read that?!

NO CASUALTIES, killed or wounded.

I spent the month of November in Fallujah (heart of Anbar) last year. My nickname given to me by the Alpha Company of the 1/24 Marines was "whoosh-bang." I got that name because it was the sound the RPG made when Al Qaeda fired it at my Humvee on my first day in Fallujah.

And now? No casualties or even injuries... I'm not an accomplished editor of any major news outlet... BUT THAT IS MAJOR NEWS.

After an extensive search of Lexis-Nexis, it appears that only FOX News' Jennifer Griffin and Bill O'Reilly bothered to mention that statement. No major newspapers, no evening newscasts.

And you wonder why real Americans across this great nation go around asking those of us in the press: Are you guys rooting against success in Iraq?

That is pathetic.