What would my Hispanic ancestors think of this--a breakfast burrito with bacon and hash browns as part of the condiments. Yes, they would probably fight a gag reflex.

But there is no doubt that the new Hardee's Country Breakfast Burrito will be filling the bellies of plenty of hungry commuters.

All 920 calories worth. OUCH! Almost a THOUSANDS CALORIES before lunch even rolls around? 60 grams of FAT? That'll keep you warm this winter. And so will all of those extra pounds.

The Food Police are, of course, already going bananas over this fatty feast. But you know what the beauty of it is? You don't HAVE to eat it!!

Yes, you can actually go for a lighter option. Or a snack. Or maybe make yourself a bowl of...GASP...Bran Flakes before you leave the house (that's what I did today and I am still a little grumpy from it).

That's why attacks on fast food are so silly. No one is forcing you to do anything. The government shouldn't force feed you this junk. But then the government shouldn't take it out of your mouth, either.

So buckle up and hit the road Breakfast Jack. There's a new burrito in town.

I'll stick to the chicken salad. Ooops! That has 83 grams of fat.

Think I'll have another bowl of bran.