Some of you might be wondering how I could have possibly used "liberal" and "lucidity" in the same sentence as the title for this entry.

Hey, Spence! You meant "stupidity", right? Did you really mean LUCIDITY? As in "clarity, especially mental clarity"?

Yes, I did. Let's be fair here. Even ultra-liberal San Franciscans can attain a level of lucidity that might seem unimaginable to even themselves.

Case in point--the homeless problem in the City By the Bay.

Even as a child, I remember the urine soaked stairs I used to navigate with my mother just to get to school. The endless hands reaching out for money. The collective breath holding that everyone would do on the bus whenever a homeless person got too close.

And it isn't a distant memory, either. It's gotten worse over the years. The prevelance of the homeless and the panhandlers is one of the reasons I don't visit San Francisco more often. They are EVERYWHERE. Former Mayor Frank Jordan tried years ago to combat the problem, but was seen as mean spirited. Many argue his tactics cost him re-election in the City of Eternal Compassion.

But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Like illegal aliens, San Francisco has catered to the homeless for years. And now they wonder why the problem has spiraled out of control.

What IS a surprise is that more and more San Franciscans--even self proclaimed lefties--are waking up to reality and realizing they are FED UP with the bums, the panhandlers, and the drug pushers. They want their city back.

In a previous blog, I chronicled the epidemic of needles that are turning up in once family friendly places like Golden Gate Park.

One father describes how he finally reached critical mass when his wife and kids came back from the park and saw a man "throwing up on himself" on the corner by their home.

A statistical analyst says "People are just p----d. For the first time, even the left is saying they've had enough."

Maybe there IS something to the saying that a conservative is a liberal that was mugged yesterday.

Maybe the people who really need to wake up WILL wake up to things like this.

And to things like 9-11, Islamic extremism, and illegal immigration.

If San Francisco lefties can have a moment of liberal lucidity over the homeless epidemic, anything is possible.