I ran the Army Ten Miler yesterday in absolute awe of some the toughest warriors America's ever known.

And the "Missing Parts in Action" team - about 28 of them in all - were the stuff goose bumps are made of. Their team leader, Major David Rozelle, told me that he hoped the entire world was watching their feat because it sends the message:

"You can knock an American down, but you can't keep us down."

And just to give some perspective on how rough it was out there in the heat and humidity, a runner from VA - a civilian - died after collapsing just 200 yards from the finish line... that's the kind of incredible courage and strength that these guys demonstrated.

I ran the entire race with a handheld camera because their message is one that everyone needs to hear:

Don't feel sorry for us - we were trained soldiers sent into battle who got hurt - and in this new chapter of our lives, we are the same warriors we were before - and still strong as ever.

It was something to witness as almost every runner who passed them, gave them a pat on the back and said things like: "You're My Hero " and "Way to Go Warrior!"

And for the record, I ran the ten miles in 92 minutes... a full 2 minutes BEHIND Maj. David Rozelle, America's first amputee sent back to command troops on the battlefield in Iraq.