Remember the old days when the worst thing a student would do when a teacher left the room was shoot a spit ball or talk up a storm?

Maybe the more severe cases of rule breaking involved swapping test answers or mild profanity.

There is a case in Ford Bend County, Texas that shows just how far we have fallen down the proverbial slippery slope.

Imagine getting a letter from the principal of your child's school informing you that two 8th graders were performing a sexual act in front of the rest of the class.

In the past, the anger would have rightfully been directed at the STUDENTS. But not today.

Nope. We blame the teacher for leaving the kids unsupervised. Some parents are shocked at the lack of supervision, seemingly MORE than the lack of dignity and respect on the part of the students involved.

Sure, kids need to be supervised. And no one is suggesting that the inmates run the asylum. But shouldn't a teacher be able to step away WITHOUT having to worry that their students are going to perform lewd acts in fron of the class?

Is it ok to run a redlight, so long as there are no cops or cameras nearby? Is it ok to cheat on your spouse the minute they walk out the door for work? Is it ok to steal a diamond just because the jeweler turned their head from distraction?

Of course not.

But I guess kids will be kids, right? I guess kids can't control their animalistic impulses. And the adults should know better, not the kids themselves.

I put the blame on the students involved in this incident. The school says both the male and the female student involved have been disciplined. Nothing short of expulsion should be the threat hanging over the heads of hormone raging teens.

But what about the parents? Aren't they liable to some degree? Does a child who is raised right do things like this? Where did they learn this? And why weren't their own parents paying attention to the warning signs that more than likely existed well before this incident?

Bring back the days of spit balls and the more harmless horsing around we grew up with. They sure beat the anarchy and insanity that can crop up in our schools today.