My Better Half and I are approaching that four week window to the birth of our daughter. We are very excited. But I am very nervous at the same time. What if we don't get to the hospital on time? What if our precious little girl is born in the frozen food section of Target?

Here is a story that has a strong and obvious moral--when your Honey says it's time to go to the hospital, drop EVERYTHING and GO!!

A husband in the news today didn't think it was that pressing, apparently, when his wife gave him the sign it was time to head to the hospital.

He felt he had enough time to get the other kids ready for school AND make a pot of coffee.


Their daughter, and 9th child, was born in the family SUV instead of the delivery room. They even named her "Carlee" because of the experience. Talk about life in the fast lane. Man!

What is really funny is that the wife is a labor & delivery nurse. And it IS her 9th child. You would think she AND hubby would know better.

At least baby is healthy and the family is doing well.

So guys, when she says it's time--it's TIME. I don't care if you just got into a Halo 3 deathmatch.

Drop everything and just go!

Just as an aside, we popped in a really funny movie last night--KNOCKED UP. Anyone who has ever been pregnant or ever thought of having kids ought to see it. Funny stuff.

It puts life's endless twists and turns into perspective. And we ALL need that.