Will belts be mandatory someday? I don't mean seat belts. I mean the kind you are probably wearing around your waist.

Don't be shocked if government mandates one day require you to tighten up and dress right.

The War on Saggy Pants rages in America.

Somewhere along the line, men and women stopped being dignified in their daily attire and fashions became inspired by prisoners and harlots. Imagine for just a second if your grandparent's generation would have been caught dead flashing their boxer shorts or belly buttons in public. In fact, your grandfather would have probably walked up to a teenager and pulled his pants up FOR him.

I had guessed incorrectly that the baggy pants epidemic would have disappeared by now. Instead, it is EVERYWHERE you go.

Some cities are clamping down on the look, going as far as hefty fines and even JAIL if your bare bottom is exposed.

The ACLU has labeled it profiling and racist, of course. Even though all races apparently like to look like a sloppy hooligan now and then. This is not about race. It is about perception. It is about how you want the real world to label you.

How ELSE do you think society will label you, if not as a thug or a slob? Is it racism if a boss doesn't hire somebody who looks like they just crawled out of bed and put on somebody else's pants?

By the same token, I don't think city governments should make this an issue for themselves to tackle. Let the parents and schools deal with this. Have parents put down this "they are just expressing themselves" garbage and start being parents again. Schools need to start sending kids home when they come to school looking like a bad music video.

Just remember that this is a societal blight that COULD go away without the government's involvement.

We just need to return to even a modicum of dignity and self respect before it happens on a wide scale. And THAT might take time and restraint and responsibility.

Unfortunately, we are running short on all three.