Move over Britney, the OJ Show just came back to town... or at least Las Vegas!

Here's what's being reported:

OJ was in Vegas for a friend's wedding. He met some guys at a cocktail party, somehow he has learned that an auction dealer has several items of his personal sports memorabilia at a Casino Hotel - and the next thing you know, he's being questioned by the Las Vegas cops for breaking into a hotel room and "taking back" these items. A witness claims the Juice did so at gunpoint.

Simpson told the AP that it wasn't a robbery, that no guns were involved, and that he was simply conducting his own personal "sting" operation.

Here are a few quotes the Juice gave to the AP:

"Everybody knows this is stolen stuff." / "No one got roughed up" / "We walked into the room... I'm the last one to go in and when they see me, it's all 'Oh God.'"

Bottom Line: the police are investigating the incident because it was called in as an alleged armed robbery and Simpson was implicated.

Ironically, Simpson's controversial unpublished book "If I did it" was published yesterday under the new title "If I did it: Confessions of the Killer" by the Goldman family who had been granted the book's rights by a bankruptcy judge.

I'll never forget watching that low-speed white Bronco chase on a Friday night much like this one thirteen years ago. But who knew there was another chapter left in this low-life's saga?

Quote of the day from OJ Day One:

"The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is very committed and very focused on conducting a thorough, biased, and competent investigation." - Capt. James Dillon