A Long Island man was arrested this week for stealing $50 worth of Rogaine, a topical treatment for hair loss.

I know all about it. I used to use Rogaine. It doesn't matter whether it worked or not, the bottom line is I desperately used it as a last ditch effort to put a few hairs back on the top of my head.

Rub, rub, rub went the Rogaine into my bashful and vulnerable scalp.

I even tried the prescription drug Propecia for a little while. And then my first child came along and I wasn't going to play with fire (why take even a small chance on side effects that MIGHT harm yourself or loved ones?).

Finally, I looked myself in the mirror, sucked it in (as best as I could), and admitted that I was a bald man. And that there were WORSE things in life than that. I was healthy. I had supportive friends and family. I hade my dream career. I wasn't homeless.

I just didn't have as much hair as I used to.

Something tells me that this bandit felt as much embarassment, if not more, than Senator Larry Craig did getting caught in the Men's Room.

But there is no need to be embarassed about hair loss. Just go with it. You COULD spend countless thousands of dollars trying to get a little bit of it back. But come on now, why WOULD you? Be yourself, even if you are Folically Challenged as I am.

Working so hard for more hair isn't worth it. And chances are you will get more compliments shaving your head than you ever did on your BEST Do Days. Go for it!

And I am sure this crook is regretting his hairbrained scheme right about now.