I did it again. I forgot to charge my cell phone last night.

DARN IT! I hate when that happens.

It has only one notch of battery life. That won't go very far, will it? A few dozen text messages. Maybe a few phone calls.

It's my own fault for not remembering to charge it. Plus I refused to buy yet ANOTHER car charger, so I get greedy and usually can make it a least a couple of days on a full charge. So when I REMEMBER to charge the darned thing overnight, there is no need for the car charger really. Plus I have a power inverter if I really needed to charge it.

I hate how every cell phone (even from the same maker) has to have its OWN proprietary plugs. Just another gimmick to get you to buy a thousand different chargers. Then you end up with a mothball fleet of chargers from phones you don't even own anymore.

So here I am...staring at my cell phone, wondering when that one notch of battery life will turn to ZERO. A blank little rectangle of death. And then it starts to blink. I hate when that happens. My new phone drives me crazy because it dies within moments of blinking and beeping. At least my old phone gave me a good hour of use from the time it started warning me.

Isn't it funny when you think about it? The stress that I and others feel when they know they have a cell phone that will turn itself off in a matter of time? It is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Kind of like driving through the desert and seeing your low fuel light come on. And do you ever wonder why there is ALWAYS enough battery life for the phone to beep and vibrate ENDLESSLY to TELL you the battery life is low?? Doesn't all that shaking and noise making only DRAIN the battery MORE?? What the HECK??

At least I won't be facing dehydration or starvation in the wilderness if my cell phone dies today. Worst case scenario is I will have to make do the way we all did for YEARS before cell phones. I will have to just use a land line...or God forbid...a PAY PHONE. Remember those?

One thing is for sure. My cell phone has a date tonight with an electrical cord. The dread of the dying cell phone is too much for my heart to bear.

Besides, there are few more reassuring cell phone moments than seeing the nice big letters on the screen that say "Charge Complete".

Ah yes. As always, it's the little things in life that can bring such satisfaction.