Nevermind the kind gesture - the "olive branch" - that the Chungs offered Judge Roy L. Pearson, Jr. when they dropped their pursuit of recovering legal fees to the tune of $82,000... Pants Nightmare Pearson has officially appealed his DC Superior Court ruling to the DC Court of Appeals.

I was notified this afternoon of the decision by the Superior Court and confirmed it with the Chungs' Defense Attorney Chris Manning, who was outraged, but not the least bit surprised.

Earlier today in anticipation of Pearson's decision to appeal or not appeal(he had until 11:59pm Weds), Manning issued me this quote:

"The Chungs have done everything possible to put this nightmare behind them and return to their normal lives: they have won resoundingly at trial, raised donations from very gracious private donors to pay for their litigation costs, let Mr. Pearson off the hook for personally paying their expenses and extended an olive branch to Mr. Pearson in hopes that he will end this matter and not appeal. Mr. Pearson has a choice today - to acknowledge the Chungs' amazing generosity and make peace or to continue with this ridiculous case and hopelessly appeal."

Not surprisingly, Pearson prefers frivolity to civility.

Also hanging in the balance is Pearson's job - the DC Commission on Selection and Tenure has not officially decided whether or not Pearson will keep his job as an Administrative Law Judge, but they did send him a letter indicating that they had "doubts" about granting him a 10-year term appointment.

So it would appear he prefers unemployment to tenure as well.

Of note, the only court that hears appeals from the DC Court of Appeals (should Pearson lose again) is the Supreme Court, but it is unlikely that they would decide to hear the case.