It's that time again for your FAST FOOD LAWSUIT OF THE DAY!

Somewhere Ronald McDonald is weeping and smearing his makeup.

A 20-something customer, Jeremy Jackson, went through a McDonald's drive-thru and ordered two Quarter Pounders. He specifically told them to HOLD THE CHEESE because he is allergic.

He supposedly told the workers several times of his allergy. But...drum roll please...the burgers were served with cheese despite his requests.

He then drove to see a movie with friends and bit into his burger in a darkened room. The allergic reaction was allegedly immediate and his friend and mother rushed him to the hospital. Jackson was just "moments from death" according to the lawsuit.

He, his mother, and his friend are now suing for $10 MILLION.

I am torn on this story because I know the frustration of being handed a botched order from a fast food eatery. We once were handed a TACO MEAL instead of CHOCOLATE MILK. Sure, this wasn't a life or death mistake. But still. Mistakes like this probably happen thousands of times a day. Most just test our patience, not our health.

But I do know if I were allergic to something that could cause me such a deadly reaction, I would NOT bite into something in the DARK that could potentially contain that food. That is why food manufacturers now tell you if their product was even PREPARED in the SAME ROOM with peanuts, for example. That way you can take your own chance and they have covered themselves from liability.

It doesn't make ANY sense why this man bit into the burger without checking first. The only reasonable explanation is that he was far more trusting than I would be in the same situation.

Although some people, no doubt, LOOK for ways to make a quick and lazy million dollars. I wouldn't put anything past a society that would plant a real, severed human thumb in a bowl of chili and then turn around and accuse and sue the establishment of doing it themselves.

The moral of this story? Be more responsible for your own safety and well being. You don't have much control over whether the plane you fly on stays in the air or not, but you do have control over other things.

Watch your mouth. And all the foods you put into it. It just makes sense. Your life could depend on it.

And now if you'll excuse me. They just put extra sour cream in my tacos. I HATE when they do that.