I can't believe the last day is already here... none of us can because it went by so fast. Why does it always seem like the vacation week was about three times shorter than a work week?

So what better way to cure the last day blues... than to start the day with "Birthday Cake" Ice Cream for breakfast. I kid you not - at the Outer Banks Coffee Company where I go for my morning cup of Joe, they also have ice cream and one of the flavors is birthday cake. I realize I may have set a precedent here that I may regret allowing the kids to eat ice cream this early... but what is vacation anyway?

It's surfing at the beach, long walks for Elvis, kids covered in sand and sun tan lotion, Harry Potter for my wife... and birthday cake ice cream for breakfast.

So when the sun sets tonite and we pack our stuff for an early morning departure, we'll always remember the footprints we left in the sand... and look foward to returning for many years to come.